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It started with a coffee can of nails found on a shelf in an old shed…

Sounds like the beginning of a novel, but it is actually where my interest in building science began. A simple fastener gave me the possibility to join two materials together and build something of my own creation. I was probably 5 years old and in the following years, any building materials lying around had to take shape into something, a fort, a trash can shelter, a go cart, or a wagon to carry the newspapers I delivered. Along the way I made mistakes; structures were compromised, paint would not adhere and parts would break, but my desire to keep the creation together led me to the sciences. I wanted to know how all things worked and how I can use items from different disciplines to accomplish my goals of keeping whatever I was working on, operating efficiently. One previous employer referred to my desire to know how things work as, “if knowledge was water, you are a willing sponge.”

On my journey I have rebuilt robots, boats, and motorcycles; been involved with renovations of commercial and residential properties all with the same drive of how to keep the separate parts
together and functioning better. I bring this knowledge to the home inspection business in hopes of using my varied backgrounds to help me see what most people cannot see in their homes so I may help educate the public and keep the homes they purchase functioning efficiently well into the future.

Maintaining Top Quality Through Every Phase of Service

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Feel free to stop by at the end of your home inspection, this gives us the opportunity to provide you a guided walk-through, showing you what we liked and what we are concerned about; enabling you to develop a better understanding of what needs addressed during final negotiations.

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We offer additional services such as mold inspections and water testing to keep you protected. You have to think about safety when buying a home and a big part of that is taking into consideration your long term health.

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Our dedication to quality customer service extends beyond the home inspection. We remain available for as long as you need us: by email, phone or text. We are happy to answer your questions in the days, weeks and months following your inspection.

When he’s not working on home inspections, Doug loves to rebuild vintage motorcycles. Doug genuinely enjoys working with his hands, and you may also find him taking on woodworking projects at any given time.

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At WV Home Inspection Services, we get right down to business when we inspect a home, thoroughly going over the details of your property’s construction from the foundation to the roof; learning everything we can in order to improve your experience as a homeowner or homebuyer. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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we offer discounts to active-duty military, veterans, first responders, first-time homebuyers, and repeat business discounts are available.

Weekend and evening appointments are available when requested in advance.

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